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Marion Hill takes active role in Dwight Summerfest

Earlier in the year, the church contributed to the expense of shirts being sold to commemorate Dwight Summerfest 2017. At the July WELCA meeting Bailey and Lakyn, Audrey, Amy and Atley, Jody, Phyllis, and Cynthia worked on the Marion Hill float for the parade to be held August 5. The group selected the title of "Chillin' with the Lutherans" for the float. Two kiddie pools, lawn chairs, and several coolers filled with ice pops, to be passed out to the crowd, along with children and women of the church waited out the rain, which delayed the celebration for an hour. Marion Hill had twenty-four in attendance the following day at the Dwight Summerfest community worship service held in the Dwight Community building on August 6.


Marion Hill WELCA meets at 7:30 PM on October 25. Jean is the lesson leader and Jody is the hostess. The theme for this year is "Listening to God, A Guide to Discernment".


In conjunction with the Dwight Summerfest activities, there will be a community worship service at the Dwight Community building on August 6 at 10:00am. Consequently, there will be no church service at Marion Hill Lutheran Church on August 6.


The annual meeting will be held in January. Officers of various church organizations need to be preparing their reports for this event.


Sunday October 16, 2016, Marion Hill celebrated its 140th anniversary.  It started with a church service led by Pastor Ken Branch.  A potluck dinner followed.  The meat for the event was donated by the Morgan family and Mitch prepared the meat for the occasion.  Phyllis had the tables and table service arranged.  LoJean was responsible for the updates and publication of the anniversary program booklet.  Derek welcomed members and guests at the beginning of the church service.  Along with local and former members, Trinity and Faith members in attendance, Marion Hill was delighted to have former Pastor Philip Youngquist and Marilyn, Kris Isaacson, wife of our late Pastor Carl Isaacson, and the Prairie Wind Parish secretary, Megan, and her husband, Steve, in attendance.


Lift Up Your Voice

The community Christmas cantata rehearsals have started.  They practice every Tuesday at 8:00 PM at the Dwight Community Building.  High school and adult singers are welcome.  The Community Chorus will present "A Great and Might Wonder" on Sunday, December 4 at 4:00 PM, at the Dwight Christmas Celebration.  The director has the music and CDs available to help those who cannot attend each week.


God's Work - Our Hands is an official program of the ELCA.  September 11 Marion Hill Lutheran Church took part in the missional work of the church at Camp Tomah Shinga.  Ben Fulton led worship at 9 am, before we started work, followed by a shared meal. Members from St. Paul Lutheran in Herington and First Lutheran in Manhattan also had projects. Marion Hill was instrumental in getting signs for the camp, so our task was putting up those signs.  Others worked on the water fall and reflection pool being constructed and upgrading a cabin.   We wore our shirts we got last year to honor this important work.  Thanks to Phyllis for helping to organize this event.  Check out the church's Facebook page concerning the event.


September 18 was Pastor Michael's last Sunday to worship with Faith and Marion Hill.  Everyone was encouraged to attend their church service at their regular time.  At around 12:30pm, members of both congregations were invited to Marion Hill for a Farewell Potluck for Pastor Michael.  This gave members from both churches a chance to visit with and thank Pastor Michael.  It also gave Faith members a chance to see the upgrades that Marion Hill completed in their fellowship area.  Pictures of worship, the meal, and fellowship are posted on the Marion Hill Facebook page.

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